"The deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way in the end, but by His making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able honestly to pray what He taught His disciples to pray:

'Thy Will Be Done'."

~Elisabeth Elliot

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Do you ever feel like just changing everything about yourself? Well, I know there's some things that I just can't change, but there's others that I can change!

Tonight I decided to go into the back room, unbarricade1 the treadmill, remove the remaining debris off the top of it and actually plug it in...Did I exercise on it? You bet I did! I WALKED a half a mile uphill...and then died2.

I don't feel better about myself; after all, my effort only proved how disturbingly out of shape I am.

I kept putting off exercising because...well, to be honest, I planned on getting fat...but the good kind of fat...the pregnancy kind of fat...and month after month, I just got more of the not good kind of fat....the nutty bar, late-night sundaes, KFC chicken pot pie, Boston Creme Donuts, fast food for lunch every day kind of fat...

Right now, I'm sitting on my couch in full exercise gear but unfortunately my gut is hanging out and I'm dreaming of coffee oreo ice cream...is that too much information? Hey, you know what? It's your decision to keep reading...

Part of my makeover is starting and completing the event planning course. Today, I started Unit A and finished my first assignment...after about 20 more pages of reading, I can finish my second assignment. I'm gonna get it done before the night is over...Well, maybe when "The Bucket List" is over. :)

What else am I putting on my list? Well, I plan on putting a facial mask on to take care of some of the...um...blemishes...ok, zits that I have on my face and I'm gonna paint my nails....

Short term goals: Finish another assignment, facial, nails

Tomorrow, I will look brand new!

Long term goals: exercise and eat healthier, take care of myself, become a certified event planner

In the future, I will be a successful event planner and people will look at me and say, "Hey, she is so put together! How does she do it?"

...haha...I'm such a dork!

and on that note.....did you notice my footnotes3?

1 "unbarricade" is not really a word so I wouldn't advise using it in any formal settings

2 don't want to be misleading, I'm still alive :)

3 did my footnotes help or hurt the aforementioned dork factor?


Anna* said...

totally loved the footnotes, jaclyn :)

the gleam of rose tea said...

love this :)