"The deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way in the end, but by His making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able honestly to pray what He taught His disciples to pray:

'Thy Will Be Done'."

~Elisabeth Elliot

Monday, April 20, 2009


I got this from a friend of our's this weekend. He is taking an English Composition class and had to observe a setting and then write about it...He chose Highland Memorial Park...where Zach is! (Well, Zach is in Heaven, but you know what I mean)...The first part was written about the setting of the park (it was really eloquently written with really good metaphors), but the last paragraph was written about my little man!!! I'm gonna share just the last part with you! Here it goes:

"Finally, I arrive. It's Zach's grave. Oh boy, I remember one of the most emotional times of my life when two very special friends of mine had a premature baby that lived for eighteen days then went home to be with the LORD. Correction: It WAS the most emotional time of my life. But why eighteen days? Why even live at all? Quickly, I remember why. Eighteen days was the exact amount of time that it took for him to leave deep footprints in my heart! That little boy who couldn't speak, reason or do anything for that matter single-handedly brought families together before my eyes and caused us all to pause from our busy, routine lives and remember what's truly important: the LORD, family and love. Zach did more than some of the finest counselors I have ever seen; and he did it without a single word. He was the youngest missionary ever."

His final summary...

"Being here has caused me to reprioritize my life. That I must build my treasure in Heaven and not here on Earth. For we will all come to the grave and leave this world and it's possessions behind."

I'd have to agree with this writer on all points. When I go and "visit" Zachary, I witness a lot of people visiting their loved ones and can't help but wonder about their stories...Who are they visiting? Is this new grief?

I'm much more aware now of the temporary trappings of this life. There are people "out there" dealing with real stuff...real loss, real hopelessness...and when you've been filled and re-filled over and over again with the Hope that Jesus offers like I have been, you want to share it with those people. This life is short. Death is a certainty for all of us. And unfortunately, for some it comes too soon according to our standards. But the most important thing is that you have the promise of Heaven...eternal life, forgiveness of sins, the redemption of His blood that He shed for YOU and for ME!!!!!

My son has made a bigger impact in his short 18 days than I ever have!! He STILL remains to make an impact on not only my life but many others!!

What kind of impact am I making while I still have life to do it? I want to be more like Zachary! Little, humble...even incapable at times...BUT do BIG things for God!!

p.s...He got an A!


Anonymous said...

really good. I almost cried at work. God is good.

cheryl said...

I LOVE YOU SO VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY, VERY, VERY,VERY, VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY, VERY,VERY much!!!!!!!!!! (you know those verys don't even touch how much!!)
Do you have to make me cry every day?????